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Reception Turnstiles | The Armoury – Hampstead

Reception Turnstiles & Access Control - The Armoury, Hampstead

Reception Turnstiles The Armoury Hampstead

The Customer

New reception turnstiles and access control at The Armoury, Hampstead. The Armoury is part of the Jubilee Hall Trust group of gyms each in turn dedicated to improving fitness and wellbeing of the communities they serve. Jubilee Hall Trust are a not for profit organisation. As part of their ongoing investment in their facilities, The Armoury was earmarked for an upgrade to its reception entrance access control that was long overdue. All Right Now, as specialist access control providers to the leisure industry, were pleased to win the competitive tender process.

The Challenge

The existing reception turnstiles were in a poor condition and the reception needed a new floor surface as well as new containment in the floor cables etc. In addition the space has several curved walls and tight space requirements. The Armoury is located in the centre of Hampstead in London opposite the Royal Free Hospital so parking is tough at the best of times.

The challenge for the team at All Right Now was to coordinate the installation of the access control system across a number of stakeholders and partners. We were also engaged to complete additions to the fire and power systems as well as the containment, thus creating a ‘one-stop’ shop. The key stakeholders were:

  • The Armoury staff
  • The Armoury members and users
  • The Armoury floor sub-contractor
  • Legend, the club management solution providers.
  • All Right Now engineers.

The Solution

The solution comprised the following key components:

  • TiSO Turnstiles with anti-panic drop arms and TiSO Glass DDA gate.
  • A smart QR code reader on the turnstiles
  • An electrically controlled DDA gate
  • Desktop readers to operate the DDA gate and turnstile from reception

The TiSO Turnstiles were chosen for their cost-effectiveness as well as up to date technology such as anti panic drop arms. The readers are combined QR code and bar code scanners that will read both physical cards and smartphones. Legend now has an app which you can use to log into your facility and is becoming a common means of access control. It saves on plastic and makes sharing credentials that much more difficult.

One innovation that Jubilee Hall have implemented is that instead of push buttons behind reception they use readers to operate the gates manually from behind reception. This ensures that the management have visibility of who is letting people through the gates manually and how often and can help ensure the manual system is not being abused.

“We have recently been upgrading our estate to meet the demands of 21st century access control and engaged All Right Now for The Armoury in Hampstead. Despite the challenges posed by an old building we were impressed with the way that All Right Now responded to the issues that arose and resolved them quickly and efficiently. We would certainly be very happy to use them again.”

Jon Giles, Chief Operations Officer, The Jubilee Hall Trust

Reception turnstiles The Armoury

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