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Temperature Control Face Recognition Speed Gates

Temperature Control Face Recognition

Temperature control face recognition with infrared body temperature detection is a special solution for authorising access depending on the user’s surface body temperature. All Right Now Ltd have designed a solution to enable sites to manage users who might have an elevated temperature and if necessary prevent them from accessing site until they have visited the site’s designated medical unit where further medical tests could be performed


  • Contactless temperature control
  • Equipped with alarm incase of detection
  • Ability to recognise a face with a mask on
  • Ready made solution, can be mounted to any device with the aid of a mounting plate
  • IP54 rated for easy disinfection


  • Face and mask recognition
  • Non contact – safe from infection
  • 50 thousand face entry records in the database
  • Infa Red temperature detection
  • Alarm for abnormal temperatures
  • Temperature range of 35C to 42C accurate within 0.3 degrees

Recommended Tiso Turnstiles with Face Recognition

We offer a range of Speedgates and Tripod Turnstiles which can be integrated with our Facial Recognition system. If you require a different style of turnstile please contact us on 01295 660 566 or email to discuss further.


Tripod Turnstiles

For more information about our Facial Recognition system please contact us on 01295 660 566 or email

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