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Leisure Facility Access Control

Leisure Facility Access Control

Leisure facility access control – making the most out of your access control system.

You’ve just invested significant amounts of money in leisure facility access control and possibly a lot more in a new or refurbished building. Or perhaps you have taken over a new facility with (or without) access control and you want to make the most out of technology. Then this article is aimed at you!

So, a quick summary of the benefits of access control:

  • Increase revenue.  You can reckon between 5% and 30% of lost potential revenue.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Customers who pay are happy that everyone is paying to get in.
  • Know your customers better. With better data you can communicate more effectively.
  • Increase safety. With effective access control you are more likely to deter trouble makers.

A few tips as to how to improve the effectiveness of your leisure facility access control.

  1. ‘Upgrade’ cards and paper tickets (if you have to use them) to QR codes.
  2. Encourage and incentivise  customers to use the app where you can and also build ‘stickiness’ with your customer base.
  3. Capture data of all customers. Create an ad hoc membership type. Incentivise e.g one free visit per 10 if they register.
  4. Do all you can to prevent the need for manual push button access. Spend time at reception analysing why reception staff use it and then work out ways to stop it.
  5. Create a staff membership type so staff can gain access through all doors.
  6. Run regular spot checks on centre users to ensure compliance and don’t be afraid to sanction offenders. If people know you are serious about enforcing access this alone acts as a serious disincentive for people to abuse it.
  7. Work with your leisure management system provider and use your leverage as a customer to encourage them to implement the ability to use QR codes, parent/child tickets etc.
  8. Provide even those who have free access with cards so at least you have their data and can communicate with them as well as know their visit history. All potentially valuable information. Again, incentivise by highlighting ease of access, rewards, special deals, booking priority etc.
  9. Use signage on the floor, on posts and barriers to manage the customer flow and instruct them in the use of the technology.
  10. Systems are only as good as the people using them. Don’t assume that just installing technology will do it for you. You need to manage it. And you need to keep at it.

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