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We offer a range of speedlanes with a variety of functions to suit every need. Speedlanes are modern, high-tech entry control systems commonly found in various public and private spaces, including office buildings, airports, and gyms. These sleek and compact speedlanes utilise advanced technology such as RFID, biometric scanners, or QR code readers to swiftly authenticate and grant access to authorised individuals while deterring unauthorised entry.

With their fast operation and minimal footprint, speedlanes efficiently manage pedestrian flow, ensuring smooth and secure passage into restricted areas. Additionally, some feature anti-tailgating sensors, which detect and prevent unauthorised individuals from following closely behind an authorised user, further enhancing security.

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Firstlane Speedlane


Slimlane Speedlane

Smartlane Speedlane

Turnstile systems

HG01 Speedlane

Ozak HG01 Speedlane

Sliding Gate Speedlane

Ozak SG55 Sliding Gate

Paddle Gate Speedlane

Ozak PG03 Paddle Gate

Glassgate Speedlane

Glasswing Speedlane



If our standard turnstile offerings do not meet your requirements we can provide you with a high quality custom built solution. Click here to find out more.


We supply and install IP based network access control systems incorporating the lastest state of the art technologies.


We supply and install turnstile systems integrating them in to customer leisure management systems and access control software.