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The IDL Fastlane range of products is the market-leading solution for elegant design combined with award-winning security technology. The IDL Glasswing  is IDL’s high end solution for challenging business environments.  Its ‘star trek’ style gates which close across the line of travel mean that this is not a child-friendly solution (see the IDL Glassgate 150 for a child-friendly option and check the Alternatives section below). The Glasswing  can be customised to any look and feel and has been successfully integrated with a wide variety of access control devices and software systems.

The IDL Glasswing  is constructed to the highest manufacturing standards to ensure a long life and almost faultless operation. The look and feel can be adjusted to suit almost any colour scheme and the turnstile itself can be customised to accommodate most requirements, even the most demanding.

The ‘star trek’ style of  the Glasswing  means that throughput is rated at up to 1 person a second and because the gates close across the line of travel, tailgating can be almost eliminated.

The Glasswing comes in a variety of widths (at additional cost) and can also be installed on a custom plinth to avoid the need for drilling into floors. This is particularly appropriate in listed buildings.  The Glasswing  can be installed with Half-height Glass and Stainless steel infill to create a fully secure, yet attractive entrance barrier to meet modern security requirements.


IDL Glasswing installtion

If you are looking for a secure, elegant, professional solution the IDL Glasswing is the ideal option. Please note that this is not a child-friendly option due to the way the gates close across the line of travel.

Please find below a list of some of the sectors in which the Glasswing  has been successfully installed:

  • Banks
  • Corporate Offices
  • Museum exhibition entrances
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Leisure
  • Spas
  • Libraries


  • GREEN. With one exception, all parts are sourced from within 20 miles of the factory.
  • SPARES. Spare parts are kept for all products in the range including ones that are no longer manufactured.
  • QUALITY. High quality manufacture means the turnstiles very rarely go wrong.
  • SERVICE. Remote access can be configured to allow engineers to diagnose any potential issues remotely.
  • CUSTOMISABLE. The Glasswing can be customised to integrate different access control devices and more than one device if required such as contactless card reader and barcode scanner.
  • LISTED BUILDINGS. If you are installing the Glasswing in a listed building or similar environment where drilling into the floor is not an option, it can be installed on a secure, raised pedestal.
  • MOVEABLE. The Glasswing can be set up to be moveable with all the associated access control if you need to gain full access from the protected area from time to time.
  • DISABLED ACCESS. The Glasswing can be configured for disabled access at no extra cost if space allows.
  • LOOK & FEEL. The Glasswing can be customised to have whatever finish you require to suit the surrounding environment.


  • SAFETY. Fastlane Speedgates feature up to 8 safety beams designed to stop the barriers from moving in the event that any of the beams are broken. The gate motors are designed to release if they sense resistance thus avoiding potential harm to the user.
  • SPEED. Throughput of up to 1 pedestrian per second through Fastlane pedestrian speedgates means a greater return on investment and often means fewer lanes are required, with less wasted time in the queues leading to a greater user acceptance.
  • TAILGATING. 5mm 24 beam IR detection matrix provides unsurpassed tailgate detection and deterrence; tailgaters are detected following as close as 5mm behind authorised users.
  • INTELLIGENCE. Retracting or swinging glass barriers intelligently control traffic control flow while maximising throughout. Barriers stay open while additional authorised people walk through – even if they are walking in the opposite direction.
  • ACCURACY. Virtually eliminates false alarms. The intelligence of Fastlane enables the system to differentiate between body and mass and small objects such as umbrellas etc. This increases user and guard acceptance, avoiding ‘tune-out’.
  • DISABLED ACCESS. Fastlane Speedgates can be installed in a number of ways to allow for wheelchair access to make the access compliant with the UK Disabilities and Discrimination Act (DDA) as well as the most similar international standards. Audio and visual feedback is provided as standard.
  • REMOTE FOB. The Glasswing can be set up with an RF receiver to enable staff to remotely operate the lanes for example for groups of visitors.
  • CAT 5 CONNECTIVITY. Industry proven technology and onboard diagnostics to ensure maximum system up-time, remote operation and diagnostics.
  • FIRE. The units feature a fire alarm input to allow for unimpeded emergency egress and the units can be configured to fail safe in the event of power fail.
  • STACKING. The Fastlane Speedgates feature a throughput management system. When activated the barriers stay open after an authorised entry for a defined period of time to await another authorised card. This negates the need for the barrier to open and close in between authorised people at peak traffic times.
  • LIFT INTEGRATION. The Glasswing can be integrated into lift call systems.
  • VISITOR CARD RETURN. The Glasswing can be integrated with a visitor card return system to ensure visitors cannot exit without leaving their card at the gate.
  • ALARMS. 2 stage alarm response: early audible warning alarm followed by a secondary output for a higher security response e.g to trigger CCTV or lock doors.

Technical Data


Please see below Further detailed technical information:

Fastlane Glasswing Datasheet