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ITAB Group Overview

ITAB AB is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of entrance systems, gates, customer/visitor guidance systems, payment and service counters, lighting, internal and external damage protection, and security equipment and fittings. The Group has an annual turnover in excess of £350 million.

ITAB manufactures fixtures and equipment at its own facilities in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, China and the UK. It has in total 220,000sq.m of production facilities, which is supported by expert global sourcing.

It has built a reputation for its engineering skills, service levels and focus on quality, while Health & Safety and Environmental considerations underpin its business activities and product development.


In the UK ITAB has in-house production and warehousing on six sites, including refurbishing/recycling facilities, and has an annual turnover of circa £85 million. We are an established supplier to the leisure, transit centre, NHS, government and local authority sectors.

By offering a more comprehensive range of equipment than others, we provide our customers with a better choice and greater cost saving opportunities.

Elite Ultra All Right Now Limited
ITAB Vortex 200 All Right Now Limited
Speed Lanes ITAB Intelligent Swing Gate ES3100
DDA Gates/Glass Barrier Rail

ITAB Protection Products

Over the last thirty years ITAB have developed a highly successful range of specialist equipment.

ITAB are one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of entrance gate systems and accessories, including automated and mechanical gates, turnstiles, barriers and ancillary products.

A key business objective is to promote the reuse, refurbishment and recycling of our equipment. ITAB consider the environment in our product development, packaging and transportation and offer more eco-friendly solutions where possible.

In addition to our extensive maintenance programmes, we offer a refurbishment service for equipment such as gates and counters, which saves money and reduces the demand for new materials and energy.

Our service engineers have a wealth of experience and knowledge; coupled with our in-house technical advice team, we ensure an unrivalled performance in quality of service and maintenance and which helps to extend the lifespan of your equipment.