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ITAB Vortex 100 Full Height Turnstile

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ITAB Vortex 100

The ITAB Vortex 100 full height turnstile is ideal for those looking for a robust, high security and economical security solution. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The Vortex 100 is constructed from polyester coated steel frame and arms. Black powder coating is standard. Other coatings are available at extra cost. Various readers can be integrated into the turnstile.

The rotating 3 arm gate design will only allow one person through at a time which negates the possibility of tailgating. In addition, because it is full height, it means that it becomes very difficult to carry anything but the smallest packages through. Because of its height it is also very difficult to climb over.

The Vortex 100 is not DDA compliant. It would therefore require an additional DDA compliant entrance (for example a full height swing gate or parking barrier) to be installed alongside in order to comply with government disability regulations. In order to make it harder for people to circumvent the turnstile, the Vortex 100 can be installed with a variety of different security fencing options.


ITAB Vortex 100

The ITAB Vortex 100 is our best-selling full height turnstile and is the turnstile of choice where robust design combined with an affordable price tag are key requirements:

  • Distribution Centres
  • Building Sites
  • Football stadia
  • Schools
  • Prisons


ITAB Vortex 100 turnstile outdoor
  • UK SUPPORTED. 2 Facilities in the UK which keep spares and stock. They also provide telephone technical support
  • CUSTOMISABLE. A wide variety of access control devices can be integrated into the turnstile. Various finishes are available too.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY. An excellent level of security at an affordable price.
  • MARKET LEADER. The leading full height, rotating turnstile used extensively across a variety of sectors.


Vortex Installation in car park
  • LEFT/RIGHT HANDED. Red and green In/Out Indicator lights can be supplied as an add-on
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL. The Vortex 100 can be configured to be bi-directional or only for use as an exit or entry point.
  • FREE TO EXIT. Vortex 100s can be set for free exit whilst still providing secure, controlled entry

Technical Data

ITAB Vortex 100 Diagram

Please see below Further detailed technical information:

ITAB Vortex 100 Data sheet