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ITAB Vortex 200 Full Height Turnstile


ITAB Vortex 200 Full Height Turnstile

The ITAB Vortex 200 full height turnstile is the ideal choice for either internal or external locations. The turnstile features a 90-degree or 120 degree rotor with straight or hooped bars with powder coated or stainless steel finish options available.

The entry and exit can be freewheeling or electrically controlled. Available with fail locked or unlocked solenoids to conform to security or fi re safety requirements. A 24-volt DC logic control unit integral with the 230-volt mains AC mains supplied power unit. The logic control readily accepts voltage free contacts from most access control devices, e.g. card readers, code locks, proximity readers, etc.

The turnstile can also be fitted with a pedestrian gate incorporating a magnetic lock & closing mechanism to aid easier access of DDA compliance.

Product specification

  • Single or double turnstile units available
  • 120 degree 3 bar rotors
  • Straight or hooped bars
  • Mechanical or electric operation
  • Canopy and integral DC power supply included
  • Finishes: powder coated & stainless steel or combination of finishes
  • Weather resistant for outdoor use
  • Fail locked or unlocked solenoid
  • 12 volt DC logic control unit