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Intelligent Swing Gate ES180 Series


Intelligent Swing Gate ES180 Series

Intelligent Swing Gate ES180 Series is of a stylish and modern design, characteristic and simple installation with a wide application scope. The latest high tech drive mechanisms are used in this product. The entrance is controlled by multi-group sensors granted access through transparent gated arms. The authorised passage will be allowed, while the unauthorised passage will be instantaneously prohibited

Product specification


  • Supplied with a 1200 mm long cabinet (passageway).
  • Aisles width will be 900mm to suit DDA application.
  • Suitable for all aspects of entry control within an internal environment.
  • Unit supplied with stainless steel top and directional indication as standard.
  • Card reader points for entry and exit.
  • Each aisle can be easily adapted with various access control requirements.
  • Pictograms for entry and exit on all lanes.
  • Each cabinet is supplied to a standard height of 1020mm with an arm height of 900mm.
  • Continuous and precise movements of the glass obstacles encourage user trust.


  • Multigroup photoelectric sensors in real-time monitoring the entrance status; precise logical identification; accessible authorized passage
  • Mechanical device, rational gates position, current detection and entrance sensor regulate and protect user from being trapped
  • The system is equipped with a stepless position device and the operation process is controlled by
    sensors without mechanical impact.
  • Digital-controlled (CNC) processing technology, fine surface treatment and corrosion resistance.
  • Easy passage, even with bags or luggage
  • Anti-trailing: Identification sensors fitted to prevent a level of tailgating.
  • Pass-through modes: one or both directions (optional); adjustable pass-through rate; optional operation modes.
  • Orientation pictogram: passage direction indicator
  • Lightning protection and leakage protection
  • Protection functions: anti-pinch, anti-collision, anti-stall, over voltage and over current and powersurge
  • Preventing and warning the illegal operations
  • Standard external electric interface with photoelectric isolation enhance incorporate all kinds of control equipment’s thus extremely convenient for system integration
  • Remote control and setup