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Door Detective Compact


Door Detective Compact

The Door Detective Compact design is a rectangular stainless steel enclosure with the smallest footprint in the Fastlane range, while still maintaining its market leading performance. The newest and most compact design in the Door Detective family it still offers class leading detection and now a suitably compact price.

Product specification

More Secure – Unsurpassed tailgate detection; tailgaters are detected following as close as 5 mm behind authorised users.

Fastest Throughput – Means a greater return on investment. 1 person per second often means fewer lanes are required, and less wasted time in queues leads to greater user acceptance.

Unsurpassed Accuracy – Virtually eliminates false alarms. The intelligence of Fastlane enables the system to differentiate between body mass and small objects such as umbrellas etc. This increases user and guard acceptance, avoiding “tune-out” from excessive false alarms.

Most Streamlined – An architect-inspired solution; the small enclosures take up less space than other systems. The units for wider disabled lanes are the same width as all other pedestals.

Easiest Installation and Ongoing Maintenance – Industry proven technology and onboard diagnostics to ensure maximum system up-time.

Safety – No physical barrier to cause injury or to impede emergency egress.

Secure – Door Detective offers a similar level of security as a ½ height turnstile and is designed to alert security staff to unauthorised entry attempts by triggering an audible alarm and controlling other security measures such as CCTV systems, lighting and locking doors. Fastlane activates an alarm in the event of an illegal action. If an unauthorised person attempts to enter Fastlane is designed to detect tailgating, collusion, non-entry and obstruction. Fastlane can also assist the access control system to maintain anti pass-back integrity.

Disabled Access – The combination of audible and visual sounders coupled with ‘wheelchair width’ lane options make Fastlane compliant with the UK Disabilities and Discrimination Act (DDA) and most other international disabilities regulations without the need for a separate passgate.

Aesthetic Design – The discreet presence offers unrivalled benefits in terms of aesthetics and design flexibility. A wide range of enclosures are available and the pedestals can be custom designed to complement the most diverse design concepts, providing a welcoming and non-confrontational entrance to staff and clients alike, ensuring the ultimate in architectural flexibility and security. This is particularly relevant in corporate offices, listed buildings, banks and airports where design is a high priority.