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Clearlock 635 | Access Control | PODS

clearlock 635

Clearlock 635

Clearlock 635 – The Automatic Systems Clearlock range of pods are an ideal, highly secure solution for unattended entrances.

The Clearlock 635 is built of high quality materials and can be customised with different finishes and RAL colours. Each pod has an intelligent floor sensor system which detects not only weight but also the number of pressure points on the surface to detect multiple pairs of feet.

The Clearlock 635 has integrated access control and can be configured with a CCTV camera to monitor alarm incidents.

All Clearlock products must be installed with a matching DDA gate to comply with DDA regulations.


clearlock 635

The SlimLane range of products are ideal for the following environments:

  • Banks
  • Corporate Offices
  • Airports
  • Museum exhibition entrances
  • Leisure
  • Colleges and universities
  • Libraries
  • Spas


Clearlock 635
  • SECURITY. Highly secure solution for unattended entrances with integrated access control. They are bullet, vandal and burglar resistant.
  • QUALITY. High quality manufacture means the turnstiles very rarely go wrong.
  • SERVICE. Remote access can be configured to allow engineers to diagnose any potential issues remotely.
  • WEIGHT SENSORS. In-built weight sensors allow detection of more than a pair of footprints in the pod.
  • LISTED BUILDINGS. The Clearlock pods are freestanding so can be installed even in sensitive buildings as no excavation in required.
  • INSTALLATION. For ease of installation the Clearlock 365 can be delivered pre-built.
  • CUSTOMISABLE. The Clearlock 635 comes with a wide range of different finishes (brushed or mirror stainless steel, various RAL colour paints, obstacles in tinted glass…)
  • DISABLED ACCESS. The SlimLane can be configured for disabled access.
  • OUTDOOR. The Clearlock 635 can be installed outdoors if covered by a canopy.


clearlock 635
  • SPEED. Up to 6 passengers per minute.
  • TAILGATING. Sensors within the pod mean it will only allow one person through at a time.
  • MAINTENANCE. Clever design enables easy access to key components.
  • INTELLIGENCE. Clearlock pods come with a variety of electronic detection systems.
  • CAT 5 CONNECTIVITY Embedded software providing real time monitoring and the ability to configure and maintain each pod locally or remotely via a simple web browser.
  • FIRE. The units feature a fire alarm input to allow for unimpended emergency egress and the units can be configured to fail safe in the event of power fail.

Technical Data

Please see below Further detailed technical information:

Clearlock 635 Data sheet