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Door Detective Plus

Door Detective Plus

The Door Detective Plus is an anti tailgating solution which is installed either side of a door frame to provide infa red monitoring of the doorway. The Plus is the higher range model in the series. Added benefits inslude lower beams, Fastlane Connect Ethernet connectivity and POE power supply options.

This solution can be integrated with a CCTV system (GymSecure) with an alarm signal. The alarm will sound if there is any unautorised access. For more information about our GymSecure 24 hour monitored CCTV service, please take a look here.

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Door Detective Plus



  • Secure Detects and deters tailgaters in close proximety. The Door Detective Plus is a world class leading infared detection system.
  • Accurate Provides instant feedback, can differentiate between body mass and smaller objects and accurately assesses traffic going through the door.
  • Reliable Quality build with fewer failures


  • Quick and safe operation
  • Quick user acceptance
  • High processing speed
  • Can be integrated with CCTV