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ITAB Mechanical Gate

ITAB Mechanical gate

ITAB Mechanical Gate

The ITAB mechanical gate is an ideal low cost DDA solution if all you require is a visual barrier (if you require a more secure solution i.e. that cannot so easily be pushed open) see the Alternatives section below). Being a mechanical gate you cannot integrate any access control into the gate. The gate comes in 3 modes: bi-directional, or limited to either left or right operation. The gate is made of chrome plated steel with a Perspex gate.


ITAB Mechanical Gate

The ITAB Mechanical gate is an ideal solution for creating  visual barrier to manage customer flow whilst providing a certain level of security at low cost.

Please find below a list of some of the sectors in which the ITAB Mechanical gate  has been successfully installed:

  • Trampoline Parks
  • Retail
  • Petrol Stations


ITAB Mechanical Gate
  • LOW COST. A Visually pleasing but low cost solution.
  • EASY. The ITAB mechanical gate does not require any groundworks for installation.
  • BRANDING. The gate arm can be customised with your own designs.


ITAB Mechanical Gate
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL. The gate comes in 3 formats: bi-directional, left swing only or right swing only.
  • CHROME. The gate comes in an attractive chrome finish.
  • SWING SPEED. The swing speed can be adjusted.

Technical Data

ITAB Mechanical Gate

Please see below Further detailed technical information:

ITAB Mechanical Gate Data sheet