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Air Hop Case Study

Air Hop Case Study

Air Hop Case Study – Here at All Right Now Ltd we were approached by Air Hop who wanted a cost effective way to control the flow of customers in their trampoline park. They were having problems with customers entering the park through the exit stairs, and hence acoiding watching the necessary safety brief.

Faced with this problem we initially recommended an electrical gate that could be controlled manually by a push button by a detector that would open the gate automatically as the customer approached. However once we completed a site survey, we realised this was not needed as there was always a member of staff letting the customers on the trampolines, after they had watched the safety demo, and off when their time was up.

Our recommendation was to install a mechanical gate. This was the best and the most cost effective solution. During the site survey we took measurements and details including the floor type. The floor type was particularly important for this install as it was a raised floor with a small stock room underneath.

A specification sheet was sent to the customer along with a quote and they agreed that this was the best and most economical solution that they had seen. The gate was installed by us shortly afterwards.

We now maintain the gate on an unlimited next day engineer-to-site maintenance contract, which give Air Hop peace of mind as they will get an immediate response in the event of any problems.

All Right Now Ltd have received the following feedback from Air Hop’s General Manager:

The gate has been an excellent addition and has really helped to control the flow of customers. All Right Now did a fantastic job and managed the project expertly

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